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Roksana Georgiena 13|04|1976. 
She is a Bulgarian (Burgas), finished her education at Academy of Art and Fashion in Sofia. She is today one of the most fashionable society girls in Amsterdam! 
Please enjoy some high lights of her life.

What do you think of Amsterdam? I love to be a part of this little but oh so cozy city. I travel often and see a lot of different cultures. Ultimately this international city full of possibilities makes me feel free like a bird. I am definitely Amsterdamned!

Can you tell us something about Bulgaria? I miss Bulgaria. It's a very special place for me, important history, unique nature like mountains and sea in the hot summer time. In the winter there are a lot of possibilities for skiing in Sofia, also known as little Aspen. And not to forget the best selection of Mediterranean seafood like black lobster and king crab. Italian culture is well represented, Greek and Turkish as well.

What was your status there? When I graduated I knew that Sofia was to small for me. I had a different mentality, it's hard to fit in when people are short minded. Seven years ago I opened a shop, where I sold clothes and jewelery. It didn't work out! Not at all actually, let's say: wrong time wrong place. But I don't see myself as a quitter.

Tell me something about your interests and hobbies? I’m busy with my website. It is about my opinions and my dream for the glitz and glam in my life. It's also about high fashion. It's my dream to bring it on the streets like daily wear and daily advice to the young women and advice them every day online as an online personal shopper. It's also my dream to have a webshop in a short amount of time, cause time flies and I want to be the survivor before it's too late and all every new girl will end up in the mainstream. I want to be the teacher for all the young girls to step in and stay in the world of high fashion!

Are you a fashion victim? I think so, dream and breath every second of the day about the latest Proenza Shoeler bag or must have bracelets from Givenchy and I have a lot of headache to get those stuff. Do you call this, a fashion victim?

Describe your style? High end meets streetswear. I always try to find a mix between different styles. Mix and match of style and always one finishing touch. For example: a marchenta lipstick or big earrings. That's why Isabel Marant is my hero, she mixes rock chick with hippy chic but in a new wave style. My other favorite designers are Saint Laurant, Chanel and Moschino.

Who is your icon? Brigitte Bardot. For me she is a classic beauty, her features in her face makes her looks sexy, sweet and very aristocratic.

What is your style guide? I guess I'm a lucky bird with all the traveling that I do and all the inspiration I get from different countries and cultures. The colors that I see and the fragrance that I smell makes me very creative and makes me a modern gypsy that all comes back in my style.

Girls night out in Amsterdam? First having the best sashimi ever at the Yamazata and and after that the most  delicious cocktails in the skylounge of the Okura Hotel Amsterdam.

What is your favourite holiday destination? My favorite destination is still Hong Kong, that' s the Walhalla for fashion people. You can get everything what you can imagine. But still my number one place to be is New York! I'm so afraid that I will fall in love with The Big Apple and will end up bankrupt!

Your quote for life? Don't worry and be happy. Life is beautiful and too short, so smile and get yourself a fashion gift every day!

Please give a ranking for Alexander Wang for Balenciaga? First of all I want to tell you that he is my favorite designer for the street fashion. Latterly I purchased many of them! But I miss the drama and the creativity of Nicolas Ghesquière when he used to work for the house of Balenciaga.

Thank you so much Roksana. Keep shining as always.

Instagram: ROSSY1304

Photographer: Tarone Rachamim

Fashion Godfather - Pre-owned but still loved, authentic designer items.

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