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Blonde has never seemed more approachable. We are at a very exciting time in the world of hair color. All of a sudden, blonde seems, well, reasonable.


When Kim Kardashian stepped outside last week with peroxide blonde hair, the internet blew away! Some felt horrible and doubted whether that she should pay another visit to the hairdresser, as shown by the social media towards Kim. This girl makes trends, so it is very important for the millions of followers who are going to their hairdos and won’t be informed by their local hairstylist!


1. The texture will change immediately, each hair reacts diffidently to bleaching. Chemicals are very bad drill and the texture will be lost from your hair. Fine hair becomes rough, dry and thick. Your tresses are suddenly super style and be properly curly and fluffy.

2. Moreover always use silver shampoo, otherwise your hair will become brassy and that’s your last wish for the day. Make sure that you really rinse your shampoo good, otherwise your hair will be purple as you shampoo.

3. Pull intrusion in the morning and an extra fifteen minutes to half an hour to your hair. Bleached hair is high maintenance. Before you reach the glamorous effect, you will need more time to it. That means a little less sleep! Add it carefully and remember to turn your fifteen minutes less sleep instructions in the morning might be worth the effort.

4. Your make-up and your clothes could suddenly be quite different, and in the worst case scenario does not fit your new hairdo. One conclusion for this is, shop shop and keep shopping, until you find your style. Who is complaining here?

5. Unfortunately there is no way back if you have bleached tresses! If you come to the hairdresser to get your hair back to original state, you would be disappointed! Your cuticles have gone widen by bleaching. Try to rinse out again if you jump into the shower. Finally, the only solution is to let the color grow out.

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