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Real city girl Zoë Rachamim is beautiful, smart, sexy but most of all a sweet and good person. She knows the heartbeat of Amsterdam like nobody else. Zoë is fashion, goes to every hotspot and everybody wants to be around her. I meet her on our favorite hangout “The Palladium” for this interview – and having lunch. Afterwards we have an appointment at VLVT Magna Plaza to get Zoë a new dress for her first party of the year.

Who is Zoë?: I’m 24 years old, born in Amsterdam. After I finished my studies, management, economics and law, I did many different things from stylist to public relations. At the moment I work for a company called White Canvas. This company provides a service to make sure that your reputation on the Internet is free of articles that can have a negative impact on your live. I love to keep learning new things, that’s the reason why I change jobs. My style of living is down to earth with a touch of glamour.

You are a beautiful model and also the face of the biggest jewelry house of the Netherlands – tell me more about this: For almost four years I’m the face of Gassan Diamonds worldwide. Traveling a lot and seeing myself on the billboards still gives me every time a special feeling. It makes me proud and very grateful!

Zoë, do you love to party?: I definitely do like to party and don’t want to miss anything. My ex boyfriend Daan is working in the nightlife as a promoter for great party’s like The Waterfront. Maybe that’s where I got infected. Travel, fashion, art and make the city unsafe with my girls in the weekends. I really love my friends, sometimes I am worried that I can not spend enough time with them all.

Are you enjoying as a model?: I try to do my best with all my assignments and I really enjoy doing it!

What do you see yourself in five years?: I wanna see all the beautiful things in the world and enjoy life as much as possible.

What is your favourite holiday?: I fancy more to go to the big cities, rather to lying down during a beach vacation.

Please tell me what your dream is?: Stay happy with the people I love.

Do you have a good relationship with your family?: I think I have an amazing family, my mother and three sisters are my best friends.

What do you think of the Frida Giannini left the house of Gucci? Do you think this change is good for Gucci?: Frida had good seasons but lately she has repeated design continuously. Mostly she was inspired by the 60’s and 70’s. I think it will do Gucci very good that there will be a new creative director. Rumors say that Heidi Slemane is the preferred one.

Zoë, my love, it is a big pleasure knowing you!

Instagram: Zoerachamim

Images by Tarone Rachamim
Special thanks to VLVT Amsterdam

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